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          About Us


          Our company won the jiangsu province agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise, national bee products industry leading enterprises, private technology enterprises in jiangsu province, China soil livestock import and export chamber of commerce, vice director of bee's products branch, China bee products association, vice President of export agricultural products in jiangsu province demonstration base, advanced collective, bee products excellent credit enterprise in jiangsu, Nanjing Lishui District Commercial Association vice president unit.

          The tenet of the company is: quality first, industry first.

          After nearly 40 years of development, it has taken an international leading position in the industry, especially in honey export, and is one of the largest honey export enterprises in China. Its products have been exported to 33 countries including Europe, Japan, etc for 22 years, and are favored by people.

          Our Mission

          Explore the mystery of nature, guard the secret of health, build the high-end brand of domestic bee products, write the sweet epic of bee products industry with quality and reputation.

          Core Value

          Customer-centric, pioneering, innovative, sharing and collaboration, to be a leading honey enterprise with advanced science and technology content, noble humanistic feelings, and healthy life concept.

          Corporate Philosophy

          Persistent struggle, forge ahead, provide a stage for innovative honey people to realize their own value and create brilliant.

          Corporate Vision

          Actively cater to consumer awareness, seek new business models and channels, build bee products industry super symbiosis, set up industry benchmark, standardize industry chaos.

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